Don't Press Send Resources for Parents

We have all seen the ramifications of not giving our children rules and guidelines (cyber civics) while using technology. Don't Press Send hopes to educate and inform parents and students by providing relevant and up-to-date information. Having a community-minded approach will create a culture of people who are more inclined to be mindful and civically responsible while using technology.

Don't Press Send Documents

Don't Press Send Pledge™

Digital Detox

Cellphone Guidelines

Pause Before You Post

Mindful Habits


Dare to Care

Pitfalls of Social Media

Videos Recommended by Don't Press Send


Common Sense Media


NYS Dignity Act

Mindful Schools

Power to Learn

Cyberwise - Bullying and Substance Abuse

Advanced Recovery Systems

Wait Until 8th

Autism Spectrum Disorder Anti-Bullying Guide

Mallory's Army

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