The Don't Press Send Pledge™

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I will carefully choose who I allow to have my cellphone number.
I will not give anyone account information such as passwords or answers to security questions.
I will choose followers/friends with the understanding that not everyone is my "true" friend.
I will not type or send messages that I would not say face-to-face.
I am aware that "the screen" creates an emotional disconnect and I will choose to use kind and careful communication.
When reading any text or post, I will remember to mindfully respond and not impulsively react.
I am aware of the dangers that anonymous sites and apps present and will choose not to partake.
I will ask permission before taking and/or posting photos or recordings of anyone, valuing my privacy and respecting the privacy of others.
I will not send any pictures or videos of myself or anyone else without clothing on.
If something is making me feel uncomfortable or unhappy, I will make the choice to unfriend, unfollow, delete, block, turn off or step away from my device.
I will keep the lines of communication open with a trusted adult regarding online interactions.
I will not post group pictures of an event knowing that exclusion is very hurtful.
I will not have my cellphone accessible during homework hours and set a reasonable time for it to be docked for the evening.
I will choose to use an alarm clock, and not a cellphone to wake me up because a cellphone creates an unhealthy attachment and will prevent me from engaging in potentially harmful dialogue during the night.
I am aware of the ramifications of my actions if I send something that is inappropriate or hurtful to another and how it could affect my future.
I promise not to send any pictures or texts that do not show respect to others or myself.
I will try my best to use kind and careful communication while using all technology and share my knowledge with my peers to aid in the Don't Press Send Campaign.