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Don't Press Send
A Mindful Approach to Social Media
An Education In Cyber Civics

This book is an essential read for parents, educators, and anyone who interacts with today’s technologically dependent children. Offering insight through my fieldwork as the founder of the Don’t Press Send Campaign, this “Education in Cyber Civics” will provide countless solutions to the rampant misuse of social media. The reader will see firsthand, through real life stories, how imperative it is for us to provide guidelines and strategies to create a kind, safe, and respectful cyber community for all.

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We Do Not Need To Be Technological Experts

Online or off, the rules should be the same. We have to help our children push past the emotional barrier that the screen creates and internalize that on the other side of that screen is a living, breathing, feeling human being; a person who must be treated with kindness. This book will help parents address the situation when they hand their child their first cell phone at 13, 12, or even 10-years-old. This book gives directives for parents beyond the rules “Don’t break it” or “Don’t lose it.” Although we did not do this on purpose, many of us failed to fully consider the consequences of giving our children devices with full internet accessibility. As they say, when you know better, you do better. Providing our children with guidelines and strategies to foster a kind, healthy interaction while using technology is imperative.

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